Terms of Use

All conditions for using the service are described in detail in the "FAQ" section. All funds of customers are stored on cryptocurrency exchanges to choose from the user, the user and relevant exchanges are responsible for the safety of these funds. The service has no access to withdrawal from exchanges.

The service is not responsible for the losses related to the theft of funds from exchanges, hacking of exchanges, technical errors of exchanges, bankruptcies of exchanges, blocking accounts in exchanges, sharp drops in courses and user actions. Also, the service does not guarantee a certain profitability in the future, because It depends on the volatility, liquidity on the exchanges, the correctness and timeliness of the operation of the exchanges. The service provides statistics for past periods, on the basis of which the user can make decisions.

Users make all decisions at their own peril and risk. The service is provided on the basis of “as is”, in connection with which users do not submit any guarantees that the service will meet their requirements, services will be provided continuously and without errors, the results of the use of the service will comply with the expectations.

At any time, any party can unilaterally abandon further cooperation. The user has the right to refuse to use the service by deleting the API-key aids on the sites of the corresponding cryptocurrency exchanges.