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  • All your assets are on the exchange BINANCE
  • The bot automatically makes profitable transactions BUY/SELL
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Trading bots work on remote cloud servers

This means that you do not need to keep your computer on or pay for a remote server. You can always go to BITEXES from any device, from anywhere in the planet and observe how the bot earns.

  • Without a monthly fee
  • Proven trade strategies for free
  • Support Service will help you configure a turnkey bot and start
  • We take the commission of 20% only from the profits that you receive when trading a bot
  • Bots: Spot, Margin Kross 5x, Isolateed 10x, Futures Usdⓢ-M, Futures Coin-ⓜ️

Make a profit from each market movement 24/7 with fully automated trading bots.

The system works while you sleep or do your business. The bot concludes only profitable transactions. You can track his work and be calm for the safety of your funds on the Binance exchange.

Daily income

Our bot works 24/7 and only in profit


Trade occurs without your participation and under your control


All operations and transactions will be displayed in your Binance account. No hidden commissions and "pitfalls"


All your assets are on the Binance exchange, this is a guarantee of the safety of your funds. Our commission will be written off only from our account

Honestly and without risk

We take the commission 20% only for successful transactions and only after you have earned with our bot

Without prepayments

You do not need to buy or rent our bot, we do not need to pay us in advance. Start working for free and see the effectiveness of our tools

Why is it beneficial with us?

Favorable conditions of trade

We guarantee that trade will be carried out only on favorable conditions for you

Maximum income

Get the maximum income from trade with several trading pairs at the same time

Safety guarantee

All your funds are in full safety, access to the personal Binance account only with you

Full control of transactions

Control of their income, work process and statistics of transactions

Ready to start?

We have a partnership program:

You can significantly increase your profit by participating in our affiliate program. Get legal and honest passive income, inviting new partners.

1. You will receive your own referral link immediately after registration

2. Submit this link to your friends and partners for registration

3. Ready! Now you will receive income from the profit of your partners every day!

  • 5%

    1 Level
  • 3%

    2 Level
  • 2%

    3 Level

Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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  • I turned off the computer during the bot. Everything is lost?
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  • I am an experienced user. How to get settings for professionals?
  • Do you have a detailed instruction?

Bitexes - Free Bot for Exchange BINANCE!

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Video Reviews

Technical analysis

Creative team of BITEXES developers

Our BITEXES team began to think over the idea of ​​creating a bot in 2017. For work, groups of experienced traders were involved. The bot has been tested many times and changed in accordance with the behavior of the market. In 2020, our bot was launched in a narrow circle of professionals. The priority task was to make thin settings in the work of the bot and calculate what average profit can extract a trader using a bot in trade, given the nature, fluctuations and voloty of the market in order to bring the logic of the bot to the level of artificial intelligence as close as possible. Thus, save the trader from routine calculations and decision -making on the purchase or sale of assets. Testing was carried out both when the market falls and when it increases. All data was carefully noted and taken into account. After the bot was verified in the slightest details, it was decided to expand the circle of traders who could use it in their trade. The boot control algorithm is so simple that even a beginner can install simple settings and start trading only from the first day only in a plus. We have created the function of free tuning the bot so that every user can use the chance to increase his capital without the risk of losing his assets on Binance.

Konstantin Kalinin
Back-end, Front-end developer
Kirill Kaspersky
Founder and ideological inspirer, crypto-trader, tester..
Team Member
Oleg Olvikt
Designer. HTML and CSS, content manager
Alex Jafte
Crypto engineer, developer, Back-end developer
Tatiana Pavlova
Technical support. Answers customer questions

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