MDT announces partnership with DWF Labs

MDT, short for Measurable Data Token, has announced its strategic partnership with DWF Labs. The announcement comes based on the mutual mission of powering the future through a perfect blend of data and Artificial Intelligence. Together, they will help drive the adoption of decentralized data value for AI.

DWF Labs is now tasked with injecting liquidity into the ecosystem of MDT, along with some financial support. MDT gains largely from this as it enables the team to look into the expansion across the globe – in parts, if not entirely together. MDT has been eyeing such a footprint with an accelerated growth trajectory.

Moreover, MDT is likely to roll out a couple of new products and services.

Heatherm Huang, the Co-Founder of MDT, has expressed confidence in the partnership by saying that they are now a step closer with the assistance from DWF Labs. This refers to achieving the mission of a value-creation economy that is powered by blockchain technology.

Huang has shed some light on their own achievements as well. The Co-Founder has said that they have been able to successfully distribute>