Telegram Super App Is Being Built With The Support Of Tencent

Telegram Super App Strategy: Emulating WeChat’s Success

To realize this ambitious vision, Telegram is collaborating with established tech and cryptocurrency players, including the TON Foundation and Tencent Cloud. Notably, Tencent Cloud’s involvement hints at insights garnered from WeChat’s success in expanding its user base through in-house payments systems.

The TON Foundation, operating independently from Telegram, provides essential blockchain infrastructure. Recently, they announced a partnership with Tencent Cloud, a subsidiary of WeChat’s parent company, Tencent. This partnership involves Tencent Cloud’s support for TON validators, responsible for authenticating transactions on the blockchain, as well as offering cloud credits and discounts to TON-based projects.

Partnerships with TON Foundation and Tencent Cloud Drive Global Expansion

Telegram’s super app platform is built upon a network of infrastructure partners from both conventional tech and the crypto space, with the TON Foundation being a key player in laying the blockchain foundation.

Currently, Telegram already integrates with 20 payment solutions, and through its Bot Payments API, it charges no commission. They’ve also introduced a self-custodial wallet, developed on the TON blockchain by The Open Platform (TOP), catering to regions where centralized online payments are inaccessible.

This strategic shift positions Telegram as a serious contender in the super app arena, leveraging its massive user base and diverse partnerships.