US Prez Candidate Ron Desantis Publishes 'Bitcoin Declaration'

US presidential candidate and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is making name for himself as one of the strongest supporters in United States political leadership, ahead of the presidential election year 2024. In a new development, the candidate published a Declaration that promises to fully support Bitcoin and blocks the US Federal Reserve‘s attempts to establish a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

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Ron DeSantis Bitcoin Declaration

Recent reports suggested that DeSantis is set to accept crypto donations for his campaign, following another presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s announcement on accepting campaign donations in Bitcoin. In this context, the presidential candidate published a report with a set of promises the Declaration of Economic Independence, in which he stated the following:

  • If elected, DeSantis will ensure that the Federal Reserve does not implement a central bank digital currency. DeSantis will block any attempts to establish a CBDC or any other policies that will move us closer to a social credit system.
  • The candidate promised he will protect entrepreneurship from central planners in the context of Washington’s attempts to regulate and inhibit innovation such as Bitcoin and other new technologies.
  • DeSantis will protect cryptocurrencies and work to end politically driven debanking and financial doxing.

Impact On Top Of The Pyramid

Meanwhile, the crypto ecosystem had in recent times grew expectations on the approval of the first spot Bitcoin ETF product in the United States. However, the onus is on the US SEC to take a decision, following the recent setback it faced with Grayscale obtaining the grant for its motion to convert its Bitcoin Trust into a spot ETF.

Although lawmakers like Patrick McHenry, the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, have been vocal against the SEC’s handling of the crypto ecosystem, leaders like DeSantis and Kennedy Jr. could likely make the biggest impact in terms of regulatory changes.

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