Arbitrum’s Ambitious Incentive Plan: Fueling Growth And Innovation

Arbitrum's Ambitious Incentive Plan: Fueling Growth And Innovation 4

The proposal, recently submitted on the Arbitrum community forum, aims to allocate up to 75 million ARB rewards from the DAO treasury to actively support the protocol in addressing short-term community needs.

This innovative program will undergo a two-round voting process, encompassing a financial proposal and an application process.

The financial proposal allocates 75 million ARBs to multi-signature addresses designated in the plan, while an additional 37,000 ARBs will be directed toward the operating budget for community and project promotion.

The program’s core objectives revolve around stimulating the growth of the network and ecosystem. Firstly, it aims to accelerate incentives for Arbitrum dApps, fostering the expansion of the network.

Additionally, the initiative delves into the experimentation of incentive grants, seeking to uncover fresh strategies that enhance user engagement, increase transaction volumes, and boost liquidity within the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Another key aspect is the quest for innovative models, aiming to identify groundbreaking grant and developer support mechanisms that amplify activity on the Arbitrum network.

It will also actively generate incentive data, gathering valuable insights on the efficacy of grant distribution, which will, in turn, shape future incentive programs and their design.

At the time of writing, ARB is trading at $0.9188.

ARB price chart. Source: TradingView

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