Criminal Drains 95 Year-Old Woman’s Bank of America Account – Now Bank Wants $4,237 in Overdraft Fees

A 95 year-old woman says she’s going through a nightmare scenario, with scammers draining her account and the bank demanding she repay thousands of dollars stemming from the criminal’s spending spree.

Florida resident Virginia Weimer initially lost $13,000 after a scammer gained access to her BofA checking account, reports the NBC-affiliated news station WFLA.

Although the bank eventually restored the stolen funds, the thief’s actions triggered the account’s overdraft protection, which led to BofA charging $4,237.83 in overdraft fees to Weimer’s credit card.

Despite the clear case of fraud, Weimer says the bank refuses to forgive the fees.

“It’s on your mind all the time. And I didn’t tell my daughter about it because she’s not well anyway, and I’ve lost two children. I don’t want anything to happen to her.”

Weimer says that she received a letter from BofA saying that her request to reverse the charge has been denied because it covered an overdraft linked to her account.

The victim’s caretaker spoke with a BofA representative, who told him that the bank’s decision was final.

At that point, WFLA News reporter Shannon Behnken reached out to BofA on behalf of the 95-year-old fraud victim.

According to Behnken, the bank then said it’s taking another look at the case and a “positive resolution” may be on the horizon.

To date, the victim’s caretaker says they have not received an update and the issue remains unresolved.

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