Solana Foundation’s Bold Partnership with HKUST Crypto Lab Ignites Innovation & Gaming Education

The collaboration is aimed at extending support to the lab to open Solana game courses and provide financial and technical assistance to students’ innovative projects.



— Solana 中文社群 (@Solana_zh) September 6, 2023

The Vice President of HKUST is a well-known leader in the cryptocurrency space in Hong Kong. He has been advocating for the issuance of HKDG stablecoin to challenge USDT. The partnership between the Solana Foundation and the Crypto Fintech Lab is expected to offer students the opportunity to learn more about blockchain technology and its potential use cases.

Solana is a high-performance blockchain platform that provides fast transaction processing and low fees. The platform is designed to support decentralized applications and has gained a lot of popularity in recent months. With this partnership, Solana aims to expand its reach and promote its platform to more developers and enthusiasts.

The Crypto Fintech Lab at HKUST is an incubation center for blockchain and fintech startups. The lab provides resources and support to startups to develop innovative solutions in the field of blockchain and fintech. With the partnership with Solana, the lab will now be able to offer courses on Solana game development, which will help students learn about decentralized applications and their use cases.

The collaboration between the Solana Foundation and the Crypto Fintech Lab is a positive development for the blockchain and fintech industry in Hong Kong. By promoting the use of blockchain technology, the partnership could help drive innovation and growth in the sector. Moreover, it could also help position Hong Kong as a leading hub for blockchain and fintech startups in the region.

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