Oasys Boosts South Korean Presence through GroundX Partnership and Klip SDK Support

In a significant move that merges the worlds of gaming and blockchain technology, Oasys, a blockchain platform designed specifically for the gaming industry, has entered into a strategic partnership with GroundX, a subsidiary of South Korea’s tech giant Kakao. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment as Oasys throws its support behind the SDK for Klip, a digital asset wallet developed by GroundX.

Klip, introduced in 2020, has rapidly gained popularity as a user-friendly digital asset wallet within the KakaoTalk messenger application. With a user base exceeding two million and a staggering 90% market share in South Korea, Klip simplifies cryptocurrency storage and transactions by allowing users to seamlessly sign in with their Kakao accounts. This accessibility has made it an attractive choice for both cryptocurrency veterans and newcomers alike.

Unlocking New Avenues with this Strategic Move

Oasys’ backing of the Klip SDK aims to bolster its presence in the South Korean market while offering game developers a gateway to integrate Klip into their gaming platforms. This integration, in turn, grants them access to Klip’s expansive user base, positioning it as a powerful tool to engage with South Korean gamers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Dominic Jang, Head of Business Development at Oasys, said, “We believe that working with GroundX, which is at the forefront of the Kakao Group’s blockchain business and has accumulated a lot of expertise in the blockchain field, will create strong synergies with the Oasys ecosystem. The provision of the Klip Wallet SDK will be a valuable addition to the infrastructure that makes it easier for our partners to operate their games on Oasys. In addition, through our participation in GRID, we will strengthen our network with leading companies based in Korea.”

Dominic Jang’s reference to GRID is notable as it signifies Oasys’ involvement in a Web3 and NFT project consortium consisting of over 130 companies in Korea and beyond. In addition, GRID provides support for member entities looking to launch NFT projects and is closely affiliated with GroundX, reinforcing the collaborative spirit that underpins this partnership’s potential for innovation.

Taekeun Kim, Head of Business at GroundX, echoed the excitement surrounding the partnership, saying, “We believe the partnership with Oasys will be a catalyst for GroundX to go global by expanding the number of Klip users with the provision of the Klip-embedded SDK. We look forward to securing global gaming partners and working with each other to promote the wallet and NFTs.”

This partnership is just the beginning of the Oasys and Klip collaboration. Klip is planning to integrate Oasys into its platform, further solidifying the synergy between the two entities. Additionally, GroundX is a partner in the Hackathon co-hosted by Oasys and XPLA during Korea Blockchain Week, showcasing their commitment to innovation and collaboration within the blockchain space. Furthermore, Korean companies participating in the GroundX ecosystem will have the opportunity to leverage Oasys by adopting the Oasys chain, expanding Oasys’ reach within the Korean blockchain landscape.

Reshaping the Future of Gaming and Blockchain

Oasys stands as a pioneering game development platform built on blockchain technology. It presents a remarkably adaptable Layer-1 hub and a dedicated Layer-2 solution, utilizing Ethereum’s Layer-2 scaling technology. Within this ecosystem, game developers are granted access to a robust blockchain infrastructure that guarantees both security and scalability, enabling the creation of more efficient, secure, and interoperable games.

Notably, Oasys boasts prominent validators from the gaming and Web3 sectors, including SEGA, Ubisoft, and Yield Guild Games, who have assumed initial validator roles on the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain. With its highly skilled team and influential gaming partners, Oasys is driving a transformative wave across the gaming industry.

GroundX, an affiliate of Kakao, South Korea’s largest mobile platform, is a significant player in the blockchain technology and services arena. Its notable achievements include the development of the Klaytn public blockchain platform, the creation of the Klip cryptocurrency wallet, and the NFT distribution service known as Klip Drops. As a prominent global NFT company, GroundX has laid the groundwork for a creator-driven economy that fosters collaboration with artists, contributing to the cultivation of a vibrant culture where digital art is readily accessible to everyone.

Overall, the partnership between Oasys and GroundX transcends the boundaries of the gaming and blockchain industries, promising a future where innovation, collaboration, and accessibility converge to create a dynamic ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders. This alliance is not just a momentous occasion; it is a blueprint for the transformative power of blockchain technology in redefining industries and fostering global connections.