Hooked Protocol Partners with Another World for Metaverse Expansion

Hooked Protocol is a leading provider of Web3 educational solutions. It has teamed with Another World, a Web3-centered interactive Metaverse platform, to accelerate its adoption in Korea. A memorandum of understanding (MOU) formalizes a strategic cooperation with far-reaching effects.

Hooked Protocol and Another World Make Alliance to Empower Learning Worldwide

Hooked Protocol and Another World are eager about working to use Metaverse interactions and Web3 teaching. The main goals of this partnership are worldwide awareness, a flourishing and adaptive community, and purposeful exponential expansion. These goals support encouraging Web3 technology addition.

Another World is vital for the Metaverse. Industry titans Kakao and LG endorse Another World as the first member of Klaytn’s Global Council (GC). It claims over 200,000 users and a large blockchain token framework. Its integration of Web2 users into the Metaverse and relationships with prominent Web2 entities make it a leader in charming Generation Z.

Hooked Protocol and Another World aim to enable worldwide access to high-quality content and learning. Another World’s Metaverse and Hooked Protocol’s community building and Web3 educational solutions form a powerful collaboration. Their purpose is to bridge gaps and invite more Web2 members to Web3, a new area.

The cooperation promotes decentralized social networks and viral growth tactics to create community-owned enterprises in the ecosystem. Hooked Protocol and Another World’s focus on these aspects positions an exciting community for growth and adaptation.

Global Web3 Adoption Accelerates with Hooked Protocol and Another World

The Hooked Protocol and Another World recognize the Korean market’s vital role in the crypto and Web3 sectors’ fast growth. With Another World’s rise to corporate prominence, the two organizations’ alliance aligns future ambitions and objectives.

Another World and Hooked Protocol are actively creating a future where digital assets have boundless value. The main goal of group is to propagate Web3 technology to make advance from established networks. Their steadfast devotion drives the revolutionary vision, and they are working together to make Web3 opportunities available to all.

Hooked Protocol and Another World’s new cooperation is excited to bring new chances and innovations to the crypto and Web3 communities globally. The alliance advances global Web3 technology deployment, opening new doors for consumers and enthusiasts.