Renowned Wealth Manager Positions Ripple to be as Big as Amazon, Google and Apple

Clive Thompson believes Ripple could become a major player like Amazon, Google, and Apple.

Clive Thompson, a renowned wealth manager, recently shared his optimism about the future of Ripple and XRP. He disclosed his outlook on the entities during a recent live stream interview with Versan and Vandell Aljarrah, founders of Black Swan Capitalist.

? ? Renowned Wealth Manager Clive Thompson is convinced that XRP will succeed.

"I'm very much hoping that Ripple Labs with it's token XRP becomes big like Amazon or Google…and too big for the SEC to have a fight with.."

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Vandell speculated that the payments network and XRP will continue to exist and that every bank will adopt it in the future.

In July, Ripple earned a partial win in its legal battle against the U.S. SEC when Judge Analisa Torres declared that XRP is not a security.

The ruling was a partial victory against the SEC, which alleged that the company sold unregistered securities to the public. However, the case is ongoing as the securities watchdog filed an interlocutory appeal in response to the ruling.

During the interview, Versan suggested that the ongoing case will end with a complete victory for Ripple.

According to him, “The only thing regulators can do now is strike a balance between persevering integrity and allowing disruptive technology to thrive.”

Thompson: Ripple Could Become Big Like Amazon, Google, and Apple

Thompson agreed with this notion, saying he hoped Ripple could become as big as established global giants like Amazon, Google, or Apple and too big for the SEC to fight with.

Thompson stated that one major challenge the crypto sector has faced over the years is the SEC’s inability to implement clearer regulations.

The wealth manager indicated that he supports the judge’s ruling that XRP is not a security and believes Ripple will emerge victorious despite SEC’s appeal.