TON Foundation Launches Telegram Web3 Grants Program, TON Price Up +45% in Last 30 Days

Key highlights:

  • TON is fueling future founders with their new Grants Program.
  • They've created four different grant types up to $50k to support proofs-of-concept, live projects, and help startups connect with investors. This should really get the creative juices flowing for developers.
  • It seems the grants are already working wonders - as the program launched, TON's price jumped a whopping 45% in a month!
  • Analysts predict it'll climb another 6-10% shortly. Long term forecasts even have TON reaching as high as $9-12 within a few years.

The TON Foundation has announced a new Telegram Web3 Grants program aiming to boost growth of the TON ecosystem within Telegram Messenger. This promises to create an "all-in-one" platform for payments, tools, productivity, messaging, content and even gaming.

? Introducing Telegram Web3 Grants! This program aims to boost the #TON Ecosystem on @telegram.

Whether you're just starting or have a live project, we've got something for you. Transform your ideas into real-world solutions today! ?️

? Learn more:

— TON ? (@ton_blockchain) September 5, 2023

Fueling future founders

The grants program will fuel initial deployments and live projects building on TON. As Director Anthony Tsivarev explains, TON's speed, affordability and access to Telegram's massive user base provides a unique advantage over other blockchains. Now more developers can harness TON's potential to transform ideas into solutions.

Four fold funding

To optimally distribute funds, four grant types were established. Type A targets proofs-of-concept and initial apps with up to $10k. Type B backs live TON projects not yet using Telegram, also with $10k. Type C supports live non-TON projects expanding to TON/Telegram, granting $20-50k based on metrics. While funding startups directly, Type D helps connect quality projects to venture capitalists.

Price primed for pump

Investor sentiment toward TON seems to be rising along with the grants. As the program launched, TON's price jumped +45% in the last 30 days alone! According to CoinCodex, TON traded around $1.20 in early August but recently hit over $1.75- nearing its all-time high of $5.84 from November 2021.

They forecast TON climbing another 6-10% by next month. Longer term, their 2021-2030 price prediction models TON reaching as high as $9-12 by 2025 and 2030. So it seems the bears are losing grip as TON bears its wings for takeoff!

Year Yearly Low Yearly High
2024 $ 1.508091 $ 3.24
2025 $ 2.89 $ 9.66
2026 $ 3.09 $ 4.73
2027 $ 3.21 $ 7.10
2028 $ 6.27 $ 7.09
2029 $ 6.77 $ 12.76
2030 $ 7.21 $ 9.12

Amplifying adoption through messaging

By leveraging Telegram's enormous network, TON hopes to supercharge the organic growth seen from other blockchain ecosystems. With thousands of projects launched on different networks over the years, none offer what Telegram does in terms of existing users and familiar interfaces. If developers can bring their solutions to the hundreds of millions who chat on Telegram every day, adoption will spread like wildfire.

Of course, there are no guarantees. But with an engaged community, sophisticated technology and now increased resources for builders, the future looks bright for this underdog project. With continued success of the grants program and developments made within Telegram, TON may emerge from the shadows into the limelight ahead.