Automata’s 1RPC Expands Its Horizon to Support Injective Protocol, Powering Web3 Users and Institutions

In a groundbreaking move, Automata has announced that its 1RPC now supports Injective, a Layer-1 protocol specifically designed for the financial sector. This strategic partnership aims to provide a seamless and robust experience for developers, users, and institutions operating in the Web3 ecosystem.

Automata’s 1RPC Enhances Privacy For Injective

Automata has revealed that its 1RPC protocol now fully supports Injective, a Layer-1 blockchain designed specifically for the financial sector. Injective is a Layer-1 protocol engineered for the financial world. It stands out for its native interoperability across multiple sovereign blockchain networks and is also IBC-enabled. But what truly sets it apart is its speed—boasting one of the fastest transaction times in the industry with sub-second block time.

Injective Protocol serves as a specialized blockchain designed for the development of decentralized applications (dApps), with a particular focus on financial services like cross-chain derivatives trading. It operates on Layer-1 networks, including Cosmos, Ethereum, and various other blockchains. Notable dApps that have been built on Injective Protocol include Helix, Frontrunner, and Astropox, among others. The platform also features its own utility and governance token, known as INJ.

A standout feature of Injective Protocol is its decentralized exchange (DEX), which sets new industry standards by offering a combination of speed, security, and extensive decentralization. The Injective DEX is equipped with a range of advanced functionalities to support cross-chain trading activities, including but not limited to margin trading, derivatives, Forex, synthetics, and futures trading.

Automata’s 1RPC serves as a multi-chain gateway for decentralized applications (dApps), offering a unified API that simplifies blockchain interactions. With the addition of Injective, 1RPC now supports a staggering 33 blockchains and has protected nearly 9 billion relays to date. The protocol is designed with a privacy-centric approach, ensuring that users’ metadata remains secure and confidential.

Injective Expands Its Ecosystem With 1RPC

This partnership offers an opportunity to introduce more users and developers (“BUIDLers”) to 1RPC, thereby enhancing their privacy and data sovereignty.

The foundational relay infrastructure of 1RPC is verified on-chain by Automata Network, ensuring the trustworthiness of both its hardware and software elements within secure enclaves. This guarantees that all computations carried out by 1RPC remain confidential. With the ongoing implementation of end-to-end attestation through Automata 2.0, 1RPC is set to become the first and sole RPC service with on-chain attestation for privacy preservation.

Risks to user data can arise from various activities within the ecosystem, including NFT bidding. In this context, Automata Network’s 1RPC can play a vital role in providing essential privacy measures for users.

Specifically, 1RPC employs a robust technical architecture that includes features like ‘do not track’ and ‘anti-phishing,’ offering significant advantages in terms of protecting personal information and enhancing user autonomy.

Data transmitted via 1RPC is securely housed within a protected enclave, safeguarding against any potential metadata exposure, including from nodes responsible for verifying blockchain transactions. The encryption of target="_blank" rel="noopener">Injective protocol.

Injective developers can now leverage the strengths of both platforms to build more efficient, secure, and scalable applications.