Crypto Data Platform Santiment Launches XRP and XRPL Metrics

Santiment’s on-chain and research tools will allow users to easily access metrics used by Ripple.

Blockchain analytics platform Santiment has launched a dedicated set of tools for crypto users to easily monitor the metrics of Ripple’s XRP and XRP Ledger (XRPL) assets. The new service will give investors access to a cohort of services beyond what Santiment currently offers them.

Outlining the role it will play in supporting the XRP community, Santiment wrote in its tweet thread:

? New and free #XRPL metrics are now available from @santimentfeed!

We are proud to be one of the most comprehensive data sources in the world for $XRP and #XRPL, including several key on-chain, social, and development-related metrics that are used by @Ripple.

⏬ (Continued)

— Santiment (@santimentfeed) September 5, 2023

Since its launch in 2012, XRP and its community have experienced several events, including a three-year lawsuit against the United States SEC. Although the legal battle against the regulatory agency triggered reduced demand for XRP, the recent court victory resulted in a surge in investor interest.

Investor demand over the past two months has heightened, resulting in XRP recording the highest trading volume compared with contemporary altcoins.

With the recent development, Santiment now makes it easier for market participants to monitor the price movements and other occurrences around XRP and its payment-focused blockchain.

Will the Services be Free or Paid?

Santiment has three tiers of pricing – Free, Pro, and Pro+. Notably, many of the services will be free for users, making it easy for researchers and investors to gain insight into XRP and XRPL metrics.

There are also educational tools teaching enthusiasts how XRPL assets are issued and how the XRP supply is distributed to investors.

Santiment sums things up by informing users that metrics will be provided for the upcoming automated market maker (AMM) which will come to the XRPL through the XLS-30D amendment. The analytics platform adds that these AMM-related metrics will be free to access, giving users full transparency into the Ripple community.