You Don’t Need To Burn XRP For EVRS Airdrop: Evernode Founder

Evernode founder, Scott Chamberlain, has clarified that eligible XRP holders do not need to burn their digital assets to receive new tokens in the upcoming EVRS airdrop. Posting on X (formerly Twitter), Chamberlain explained that XRP holders who clone their r-addresses on Xahau will receive enough Xahau XRP to open an account and set a trustline.

You won’t have to burn any xrp to claim the evernode airdrop. Cloning your r-address on Xahau will give you enough free Xahau XRP to open the account and set a trustline. You need to neither burn nor move any xrp to claim.

— Scott Chamberlain | ?‍☠️ ? (@scotty2ten) September 3, 2023

Chamberlain offered the explanation following an ongoing debate among XRP holders over the process of participating in the planned airdrop. Chamberlain’s post was in reply to an earlier post by an XRPL ambassador identified as Daniel on X. According to Daniel, 99% of people complaining about B2M are probably not even capable of executing it on a shell, yet they have an opinion without being the target group.

Tim Hoff, an independent XRP holder, also responded to Daniel’s post by noting that a B2M of five XRP is enough to handle receiving the Evernode drop. However, he noted that the process may not be as simple as it looks, nor has the rollout communication been crystal clear.

Chamberlain’s post came after the original post from Daniel and Hoff’s response, aiming to clarify the gray areas and any misunderstandings about the exercise. He stated that eligible XRP holders do not need to burn or move any of their digital assets to claim the airdropped tokens.

According to reports, Evernode plans to distribute 5,160,960 EVRS tokens in the upcoming airdrop exercise. The tokens will be distributed to eligible XRP holders. Those who clone their addresses will receive two Xahua XRP covering the account reserve and five ledger objects. One Xahua XRP will be dedicated to covering the account reserve, while the other will fund the ledger objects.

Chamberlain’s clarification aims to dispel misunderstandings and promote a smooth airdrop event.