Giant Whale Dumps All Altcoins It Withdrew From Binance Two Weeks Ago

The cryptocurrency market has witnessed some significant activity in recent hours as various altcoin whales from major wallets made noteworthy transactions on different exchanges.

One of the most notable moves was made by whale address 0x475, who deposited 250,000 Livepeer (LPT) ($1.9 million) into OKX. 13 days ago, Balina had withdrawn the same amount of LPT altcoin from Binance, another major exchange, at a price of $6.5 and left 500,000 LPT ($3.7 million) on the exchange to sell.

This whale is known for making huge profits on other altcoins like UNFI and TRB, with estimated earnings of $2.5 million and $70,000 respectively.

Another whale that has made a comeback is the 1inch Mutual Fund, the team behind the 1inch decentralized exchange aggregator.

The fund has been purchasing large amounts of ETH over the last few days. The fund swapped the $5 million stablecoin for 3,076 ETH at an average price of $1,625, bringing its total ETH purchases since August 28 (8 days ago) to 9,164 ($15.1 million) at an average price of $1,645. The fund currently holds 12,529 ETH ($20.5 million).

*This is not investment advice.