Shiba Inu Team Shares 9 Game-Changing Offerings of Shibarium to Businesses

As Shibarium becomes operational, the Shiba Inu team highlights some of its offerings for enterprises.

In a recent tweet, the Shiba Inu team spotlighted the usefulness of Shibarium to small businesses and companies. In particular, Lucie, Shiba Inu marketing representative, reiterated that Shibarium has become live and functional.

Lucie added that, among other things, Shibarium offers several teams a cost-effective ecosystem for business operations.

#Shibarium ( is LIVE & Fully functional) offers very low fees, making it ideal for small businesses and companies.

1. Cost Savings:

Minimal fees help businesses manage budgets more efficiently.

2. Scalability:
It scales effortlessly as your business grows, without high…

— ????? | Summer of Shibarium (@LucieSHIB) September 5, 2023

9 Shibarium Offerings to Businesses

According to Lucie, Shibarium can help development teams save costs and manage their financial budgets efficiently. This cost-saving component is courtesy of the minimal fees of the blockchain.

Lucie also pointed out the scalability feature of Shibarium. She highlighted that the blockchain effortlessly accommodates business growth at lower costs. In her words:

“It scales effortlessly as your business grows, without high transaction costs.”

Furthermore, the Shiba Inu representative mentioned Shibarium’s efficiency in processing transactions. Lucie noted that Shibarium processes transactions faster, saving time for business operations.

Additionally, Lucie pointed out that Shibarium is accessible to all, given its low barrier to entry. Moreover, she mentioned that with Shibarium, businesses can easily connect to a broader audience. This is because Shibarium has a Global Reach, per the team update.

Also, the Shiba Inu marketer stated that Shibarium is built upon the robust security architecture of Ethereum. Therefore, the Shibarium network reliably keeps a business’ assets safe and secure.

Moreover, Lucie mentioned the use of smart contracts on the Shibarium platform. This component enables Shibarium to automate tasks, reduce reliance on intermediaries, and streamline business operations.

Meanwhile, the Shiba Inu team spotlighted Shibarium’s role in facilitating entry into the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. According to Lucie, DeFi entry with Shibaruim is possible due to its inherent design of affordable fees.

Ultimately, Lucie highlighted Shibarium’s friendly impact on the environment. In particular, she noted that Shibarium is eco-friendly. This feature implies building on Shibarium poses no environmental threats as it consumes less energy as a PoS network.

The Role of BONE

Notably, the Shiba Inu team highlighted the place of Shibarium’s gas token, BONE.

The statement read:

“… let’s not forget the BONE gas token. It’s not just about savings; it fuels Shibarium, making it affordable and paving the way for SHIB’s & Leash’s governance role.”

Moreover, the Shiba Inu team foresees a future where Shiba Inu empowers users around the globe. They believe the BONE token will make such a future possible.