BuidlerDAO Empowers 12 Organizations As Node Guardians Through BIP-003 Proposal

This groundbreaking move officially bestows resources, governance rights, and access to token pools within the DAO to 12 esteemed organizations, marking them as node guardians and partners.

The inaugural batch of organization partners includes a diverse array of entities, such as the Yale Venture Club, co-chaired by He Jingfei, and the Fudan University Blockchain Association, led by Chairman Xuechun. Other notable participants encompass LegalDAO, sponsored by MasterLi, and THUBA DAO, co-presided over by Luna. TokenDance, founded by Luca, and 3WW3, co-sponsored by zoroo.eth, are also among the distinguished partners.

The list further includes the Denglian Community, sponsored by Tiny Xiong, and Rebase, co-sponsored by Shooter. ManesLAB and Weirdo Ghost Gang, co-founded by kefan, have also joined as partners. Rounding out the first batch are BuidlerDAO SG Community, managed by Jasmine, Moledao, co-built by Phoebe, and Blockchain Academy, co-founded by Max.

BuidlerDAO’s guardianship structure encompasses node guardians, governance guardians, and resolution guardians. The governance guardians, consisting of 17 core contributors, play a pivotal role in overseeing the DAO’s operations and decision-making processes.

Meanwhile, the resolution guardians, also known as sword holders, comprise five guild heads responsible for jointly managing the treasury’s multisignatures. Collectively, there are presently 29 guardian roles within the DAO, each contributing to its governance and growth.

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