Breaking News: Starknet v0.12.2 Transforms Mainnet Landscape!

We're excited to share that we have deployed Starknet v0.12.2 to Mainnet today! ??

This release includes some key upgrades to enhance the performance and reliability of the network:
– We've enabled P2P authentication through a new endpoint that signs on state differences.
– We…

— Starknet ? (@Starknet) September 5, 2023

This release includes several key upgrades that aim to improve user experience and performance.

One of the key improvements is P2P authentication through a new endpoint that can report status differences. This feature is expected to improve the reliability of the system by detecting any discrepancies in the status of different nodes. This is particularly important for maintaining the integrity and security of the system. With this upgrade, Starknet aims to provide a more secure and efficient way to deploy decentralized applications (dApps) on Ethereum.

Another upgrade included in the release is the resolution of possible mismatches between pending blocks and pending status updates. This improvement is expected to reduce the number of errors in the system, which will lead to a more seamless and reliable user experience. This upgrade will also make the deployment of dApps on Ethereum more efficient and cost-effective.

The maximum number of steps per transaction has been increased from 1 million steps to 3 million steps. This is expected to increase the maximum throughput and improve the TPS (Transactions Per Second) of the platform. This improvement will allow developers to create more complex and sophisticated dApps on Ethereum, including those that require more computational resources.

The upgrades in Starknet v0.12.2 are expected to make it easier for developers to create and deploy dApps on Ethereum. The team behind the project believes that these improvements will make Starknet more competitive with other scaling solutions. By providing a more efficient and cost-effective way to deploy dApps on Ethereum, Starknet aims to be the go-to solution for developers looking to build decentralized applications.

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