Pundit Makes Case for XRP to $50 or $100 on Back of World Reserve Currency Theory

An XRP community member believes XRP could hit $50 or even $100 based on remarks from Ripple CTO Schwartz regarding crypto as world reserve currencies.

Burning Starz, an active XRP community member, has made a compelling case for XRP reaching $50 or even $100. This forecast is based on Ripple CTO David Schwartz’s previous remarks on digital assets becoming world reserve currencies.

In a live session on X, Schwartz hinted at the possibility of digital assets challenging the dollar’s dominance as the world’s reserve currency.

“I’m not sure most people realize the importance of this video and how it’s a confirmation that XRP will eventually appreciate in price,” Burning Starz emphasized. This assertion sets the stage for his bold prediction.

I'm not sure most people realize the importance of this video and how it's a confirmation that $XRP will eventually appreciate in price.

Not only did David Schwartz suggest it's a very possible scenario for XRP to become a world reserve currency. But he clearly said that if it… pic.twitter.com/Ja7JTHRiB8

— ????? (@burningstarz) September 3, 2023

XRP to $100: Realistic or a Pipe Dream?

What caught the attention of XRP enthusiasts is Schwartz’s declaration that if the scenario of digital assets as the world reserve currency unfolds, it could make some people rich.

Starz interprets this as indicating that XRP’s value could surge significantly higher than its current levels. He claims that the possibility of XRP holders becoming millionaires is not a mere pipe dream but rather a realistic outcome in this scenario.

According to Starz, when considering the XRP rich list, it becomes evident that the path to millionaire status for most XRP holders may start at price points like $50 or $100.

XRP is trading for $0.5069 as of press time. To hit $50, the asset must rally by a massive 9,763%. In addition, a surge to $100 would require an astronomical 19,627% increase. Some community members remain skeptical.

However, Starz argues that it’s plausible and logical for XRP to reach such price levels if it plays a pivotal role in the global financial landscape.

He admits that skepticism arises, and some may question the feasibility of this scenario. However, the enthusiast and other XRP proponents believe there’s more behind the scenes than meets the eye.

“For many of us, there is not a single doubt that this is going to happen,” Starz confidently asserts. He says some individuals may attempt to spread FUD. However, the proponent reminds community members that not everyone has their best interests at heart.

He believes some secretly accumulate assets while discouraging others, hoping to maintain a competitive edge in wealth and status.

According to him, these individuals want to capitalize on opportunities without competition and are not concerned if others miss the boat. This pattern, as Starz points out, is not new.

Ripple CTO’s Earlier Remarks

Recall that, as previously reported by The Crypto Basic, David Schwartz disclosed his world reserve currency theory last month. He argued that countries wishing to use a currency that no one can control could opt for decentralized crypto assets.

However, Schwartz did not mention XRP but “digital assets” in general. Notably, Ripple has not discussed XRP as a world reserve currency for years, essentially abandoning the narrative, as recently reported.

While Schwartz did not explicitly position XRP as the potential reserve currency, his words led some enthusiasts to believe that the asset could skyrocket if it assumed such status.

Besides Starz, market watchers have continued to make bullish yet ambitious forecasts for XRP based on other metrics. A prominent analyst recently predicted a massive XRP surge to $130, citing historical data.