Binance Sees Huge MKR Withdrawals As Whale Moves Millions In Crypto

A recent report by EmberCN has shed light on the activities of a crypto whale, 0x475, who has been raising a lot of UNFI and LPT from Binance between August 23 and August 30. The report also notes that MKR withdrawals started on September 2, and so far, 13,527 MKR ($15.11M) have been withdrawn from Binance in just 20 hours.

According to the report, 0x475 currently holds 13,527 MKR ($15.11M), with an average price of $1113, along with 750,000 $UNFI ($6.57M), with an average price of $5.2, and 756,700 LPT ($5.83M), with an average price of $6.1.

EmberCN also reported that UNFI has risen from $3 to $10 in the last half month, which may be linked to the withdrawal of a total of 2.44 million UNFI ($22.58M) from Binance by three addresses.

These addresses include 0x674, which withdrew 1.31 million UNFI ($12.11M) from Binance between August 24 and September 1, with an average price of $5.73; 0x475, which withdrew 900,000 UNFI ($8.35M) between August 23 and August 30, with an average price of $5.2; and 0x997, which withdrew 230,000 UNFI ($2.12M) from Binance between September 2 and September 4, with an average price of $7.56.

In a separate report, CoinCu noted that Vitalik Buterin’s address sold 500 MKR for 350 ETH and transferred 350 ETH to an address with assets of 1.09M USD on September 2.

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