XRP Lawyer John Deaton Calls Out Ex-SEC Chair Jay Clayton

After losing the Grayscale Bitcoin ETF case, the popularity of the ETFs among crypto and non-crypto users is at an all-time high. Recently, the former SEC Chair, Jay Clayton, made headlines with his statement Bitcoin ETF “approval is inevitable.” However, in a recent post, XRP lawyer John Deaton has put the Ex-SEC Chair on a blaster as he re-hashes the past.

John E. Deaton, the lawyer who played a prominent role in the Ripple Case, is very active on X (Twitter) and is not afraid to speak his mind. He has openly criticized Gary Gensler, the SEC, and other anti-crypto entities, including a number of politicians. Deaton recently scoped in on the former SEC Chairman, saying, “I will never let Jay Clayton off the hook.”

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John Deaton Unleashes A Flurry!

Right off the bat, John Deaton cited Rolling Stone Magazine’s coverage of John Clayton’s election as the SEC Chair. The Rolling Stone coverage from 2017 called Clayton “the Most Conflicted SEC Chair Ever.” Then-U.S. President Donald Trump nominated Clayton.

In his post, Deaton also mentioned the link between CSC and Jay Clayton; another controversial topic heavily reported during Clayton’s election as the SEC Chair. Among the many things, Deaton reveals that Clayton’s family owns the CSC.

What makes CSC special is the fact that it is used as an Agent by thousands of businesses. The businesses in question also use CSC’s address as their legal address, which is highly concerning.

Deaton says, “It has been alleged that CSC acts as a “conduit for creating shell corporations and other sketchy vehicles used in tax evasion and money laundering.” CSC was also the First Foreign-Owned Company to Receive Domain Registrar License in China.”

Why Is John Deaton Furious?

Clearly, John Deaton does not like the Ex SEC Chair Jay Clayton “for putting his own interests above everything else.”

The affair between Deaton and Clayton is not new; Deaton also shared his post dated 2021 in the thread. Deaton previously talked about WMB Holdings, the company with links to Delaware Trust and CSC.

In his older post, the XRP lawyer carefully dissected the entire relationship of Clayton, his wife, WMB Holdings, and the CSC.

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