Veteran Analyst Shares 6 Key Cryptocurrency Catalysts to Watch in September

Cryptocurrency analyst Thor Hartvigsen announced some of the catalysts and altcoins he will follow in September in his analysis shared today.

Here are the developments that Hartvigsen follows closely:

1- Bitcoin Spot ETF Applications

First on the analyst's list are Bitcoin Spot ETF applications awaiting evaluation by the SEC. As it is known, these applications were postponed by the SEC a few days ago. The next review deadline will be in mid-October. Hartvigsen thinks that the ETF issue will reoccupy the agenda in late September due to approaching deadlines.

2- dYdX V4 Launch

Next on Hartvigsen's list is dYdX's V4 launch. The analyst said the following on the subject:

“dYdX will launch the Cosmos app-chain with V4 in late September/early October. Some key elements here include an in-memory order book controlled by dYdX chain validators.

Additionally, trading revenues will now be transferred to dYdX Trading Inc. It has also been confirmed that it will not flow to central organizations such as.

DYDX's current market cap is $362 million and its fully diluted market cap is $2.09 billion.

While this is a big catalyst, it is worth noting that DYDX will have a 40% major unlock event in December this year.”

4- Base Network Expansions

Thirdly, the analyst said that the expansion of the Base network is one of the issues he will follow in September. According to the analyst, several major protocols will be launched on Base in September, which can attract more liquidity.

5- Cryptocurrency Conferences

Hartvigsen said another topic he will be keeping an eye on will be the numerous cryptocurrency conferences to be held this month. As an example, he gave the following:

  • September 4-10: Korea Blockchain Week
  • 11-13 September: Permissionless
  • September 13-14: Token2049

6- Radiant Capital Ethereum Mainnet Launch

The analyst recently announced that he will closely monitor the Ethereum mainnet launch of the RDNT token in September. Radiant Capital will be launched on the Ethereum mainnet on October 3. According to the analyst, this could cause Radiant to see new inflows, as Ethereum contains the majority of DeFi liquidity.

*This is not investment advice.