Lambda256 Teams Up With APTOS, Hints at Luniverse Support

On September 4th, during their KBW side event called “Luniverse Rising Web3 in Seoul,” Lambda256, the blockchain division of South Korean finance pioneer Dunamu, announced a strategic alliance with APTOS.

The announcement was made during the prestigious “Rising Web3 in Seoul” event, which was held at the Google Startup Campus in Seoul. The Lambda256 Business Lead, Jae-hong Kim, unveiled the revolutionary “Luniverse NOVA” public chain extension for their Luniverse platform. Kim also said that Luniverse would support APTOS, the newest blockchain network to be incorporated into the platform, in the second part of the year.

By incorporating APTOS into their own blockchain service platform Luniverse, Lambda256 hopes to further the development of the global and Korean Web3 service ecosystems. It will prioritize offering node services, technical education, and community support beginning with APTOS.

Since the beginning of the year, Luniverse, known for its simple-to-use blockchain infrastructure platform, has been progressively growing its support base by accepting EVM-based network nodes including Ethereum, Polygon, and Arbitrum. As the first integration of Non-EVM based chains into the platform, the integration of APTOS into Luniverse is significant.

In a statement outlining his goals for the collaboration, Lambda256’s Business Lead Jae-hong Kim said, “Through this strategic alliance with APTOS, we aim to facilitate the growth of non-EVM chains in the Korean market while actively propelling Luniverse towards global expansion.”