Casio Announced Its Desire To Enter The Metaverse

Casio recently announced its desire to enter the metaverse. The Japanese technology giant has filed a trademark application with the USPTO (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office). Casio aims to explore NFTs in digital spaces. Mike KONDOUDIS, a licensed USPTO attorney, spoke about the developments on Twitter/X. According to Mike, Casio's trademark application is indicative of its plans to offer new digital products in the metaverse.

He also stated that Casio intends to explore the metaverse through virtual goods and NFTs. The company has filed for a trademark covering NFT-based media, virtual goods stores, digital clothing, AI-powered robots, watches, and more. Casio has hinted at the development of video, music, audio and images for augmented reality that cannot be downloaded. In the filing, Casio mentioned fashion accessories, animation packages, hairstyles, and virtual avatar clothing. The company plans to provide wholesale and retail services for downloadable virtual goods. Such goods will be available to institutions and individual users.

Casio says the move opens up interactive Web3 immersion opportunities for the company. Casio has not released an official release date for its collectibles and services. However, experts suggest that the launch will take place in 2024. This is not the first time the watch giant has explored the possibilities of Web3 and NFT. Companies such as Rolex, Timex and Hublot have already filed trademark applications with the USPTO.

Image: CoinGeek